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Which game irritates you because someone just screwed you over?

Mario Kart 1 33.33%
007 Golden Eye (N64) 0 0.00%
Mario Party 0 0.00%
NSMB Wii/U/2 1 33.33%
Pokemon (Any) 0 0.00%
SSB (Any) 0 0.00%
Mario and Sonic Olympic Games (Any) 0 0.00%
All other Sport Games(Including Mario) 0 0.00%
Im a Nice Person 1 33.33%
Other Game! 0 0.00%

This is for the people who play nintendo games from all consoles that wanted to knock out that one person because of something they just did! Your not a violent person ( ok maybe some of us are) but when in mario kart you get hit by a blue shell right before the finish line (All mario karts) and then every passes you up becoming last freakin place!!!!

Or worst when you have a party (mario party) and your one turn from winning been in 1st all this time and that sister you love robbed you of your stars (Omg i swear) and you end up last place!!!

Arghhhh!!!!!!! There are others EX: SSB picking up a hammer and one shotted (unless your kirby, rock them) or NSMB even though its fun but they knock you off the stage or take a power-up that they clearly dont know!(and your small)!

What makes you turn your head and give them "oh hell noooo you didnt just do that to me look"!!! If its none of the choices i put pls choose other and be specific of what game and why!!!

You Decide!!!