Forums - General Discussion - Elementary School Shooting Leaves 27 Dead(20 children)(Shooter son of teacher)

Twenty-seven people are dead including 14 children after a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Newtown, CBS News reports.

Officials say the gunman was also killed and apparently had two guns. It happened around 9:40 a.m. Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


The shooter's mother was a teacher there. Along with one of the dead

This is a major travesty. My thoughts go out to victim's families :( 

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watching the news right now! this is in my prayers go all the families affected

what sick motherfucker goes to an elementary school and shoots children!!!

this is crazy, why the hell someone would do that is beyond me

Motive or just random act of violence?


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I swear f***ing people like this needs to be tortured! Because the psycho had a bad life whether its losing a loved one, Wife left you, or anything as simple as having a bad day he open fires on a school? I wished he was still alive so every god damn parent would beat his ***! Things like this really is upsetting, i teared up when i read this!

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damn who were the 13 non children?

sales2099 said:
Motive or just random act of violence?

unfortunately it will be hard to find a motive as the killer is dead....

I feel so bad for the parents who lost their children today.

To think this sicko will rot in a cell for well over a decade or more before he gets the punishment he deserves...

Nevermind, the waste of skin is dead.

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There were two shooters. Only one is dead. (One shooter, and he's dead).

EDIT: Forgive me. Yahoo likes to report things as facts before they check them apparently.

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Why the hell would anyone do this? May the bastard rot in hell

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