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What month does the PS4 come out?

Before Sept 2013 2 2.27%
Oct 2013 15 17.05%
Nov 2013 30 34.09%
Dec 2013 5 5.68%
Jan 2014 0 0.00%
Feb 2014 7 7.95%
Mar 2014 7 7.95%
Apr 2014 4 4.55%
May 2014 2 2.27%
After June 2014 16 18.18%

All i been seeing is rumors on the next gen consoles, but when will they be released? Nintendo came out last month and we know they have a head start! Will it be release as early as fall next year or maybe delayed to 2014?

You Decide!

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March or April 2014



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Damn totally forgot everyone is sleeping! Guess i have to wait tommorow to see what gets the most votes, Oh well...

November 2013

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um, I say November as well to ps4

Obviously November of 2013. That is the most logical and the pretty obvious answer.

October 2016

They aren't in any rush to launch. They are selling the PS3 just fine, and they aren't in any rush to start losing money on another console right now. I think their 10 year plan may just be accurate, only not in the way they intended it to be.

November 2013

November is usually a good month to release a new console.

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