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When will the next xbox come out?

Before Sept 2013 6 8.33%
Oct 2013 8 11.11%
Nov 2013 43 59.72%
Dec 2013 3 4.17%
Jan 2014 0 0.00%
Feb 2014 1 1.39%
Mar 2014 1 1.39%
Apr 2014 1 1.39%
May 2014 0 0.00%
After June 2014 9 12.50%

All i been seeing is rumors on the next gen consoles, but when will they be released? Nintendo came out last month and we know they have a head start! Will it be release as early as fall next year or maybe delayed to 2014?

You Decide!

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September 2013 is when I believe it will come out.

november gives everyone plenty of time to be ready for launch and still get the holiday sales.

I'm hoping for November 2013. It will make an excellent birthday gift to give to myself. Here's hoping for a Halo Trilogy!

i still believe xbox(next) come out before ps4! Put halo 5 for launch and in america it can sell a Mil launch week IMO

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November 6-12th, 2013

It depends on the supply and when they reach volume. I think September or October would be really good months because they can get both the initial burst of sales and the Christmas sales in their first quarter of sales. Edit: Apple likes to launch in September so I guess if they can there are probably good reasons to do the same.


November 2013 alongside the PS4

I went for October. First/initial boost of sales would see it hold massive momentum and make it a trendy thing to buy for christmas and beyond. 2014 is unlikely.