Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best game OSTs of the the 7th gen?

Across all platforms; consoles, handhelds, PC, mobiles, etc.

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Alterniabound (Terezi's Theme)
Xenoblade (Colony 9)
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (Route 209)
Super Mario Galaxy (not Galaxy 2) (Buoy Base Galaxy)
Atelier Meruru (Metro)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Is my favorite

The 3rd Birthday.
Are pretty awesome too.

Surprisingly enough, I feel inlove with SSX's OST, especially this song:

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Xenoblade. With Arc Rise Fantasia a close second.

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

Xenoblade is definitely up there amongst the best OSTs this gen. Blazblue has some amazing music too. Anything Daisuke Ishiwatari is involved in is amazing. Also, check this amazing shit out:

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Bastion, I was addicted to the OST!

mass effect 2 and 3


Uncharted 2 OST. Magic!!!

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