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I was banned by the fascistic SOB Kasz216 because he apparently is one mod that has no respect for the truth.

I wrote in regards to this statement by  badgenome:

badgenome said:
I actually said that the Republican Party was a moderate, centrist party, not that there were no extreme elements in social conservatism. l2read

"This is what your sentence said:  'I don't see what that would accomplish. Branding aside, the Republican Party is neither fiscally conservative nor socially extreme.'


Kasz216 replied:

"Which it isn't... which i proved via your own logic based on the fact that you suggested over 50% of the country agreed with the republicans on social issues.

Then you suggested denying gay people the right to marry could be worse then burning jews alive."

However Kasz216 is very much in the wrong on that one.  Just because over half of a country's population is still in thrall to Dark Ages superstitions like the 70% of Fundamentalist Christian voters that avidly support the Republican Party and just because half of a country's population adheres to a certain set of beliefs similarly to the Germans in Nazi Germany or the Witchburners in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 that doesn't mean that there's nothing abberrant about the beliefs held by the majority especially when you take into account that the world's fastest growing belief system is nonbelief ( and that in comparison to the rest of the world's First World Industrialed Nations the United States has by far the highest amount of religiosity [ with 89% of the US's population being religious and 62% of them being highly so (almost all of those being Republican voters)  in the US versus only 48%  of the people in Great Britain, 46% of the people in  in France, and only 28% of the people  in Australia and Germany being religious) ( ) with Christian religious belief  drastically on the decline in every other First World Nation since there's no validity in any of its claims.


What I actally said about the the burning of the 6 million Jews in Germany during WWII was that it was probably far worse than the Bible based denial in the US of gays having right to get married which it almost certainly was.  However, if one wants to see real instances of persecution towards gays in America by the religious majority one only needs to look at the case of a young man named Matthew Shepard that was murdered in excruciating circumstances by a Mormon and a Baptist (


And of course there are instances of persecution in America by the Conservatives against those citizens belonging to other minority groups as well like the recent Trayvon Martin case ( ).  See how the propagandists at Fox News and on AM Talk Radio ( Almost all White Conservatives) have leaped on the bandwagon to announce that George Zimmerman is in no way in fault in the slaying of this young African American teenager.



Then Kasz216 said"  Oh, and you were moderated for saying

I know perfectly well what I'm talking about.  Christianity is the greatest force for evil the world has ever seen.  Mitt Romney is a member of a very secretive and dangerous cult.  And if you Right Wing Christ, Money, and Ayn Rand cultists can't beat a black man with a name like Barack Hussein Obama after four years of the vilest smear campaign in the history of American poliics ( or at least since the McCarthy era), how do you really hope to get things to go your way in the future?"

As such, thread locked... and your lucky i'm not extending your ban for blantant lieing about why you were baned.."


Howeve, Kasz216 is very much in the wrong with his statements or implications.  Christianity from the forced conversions and murder of the Pagans during the first Millennium Common Era to the burning of the Jews and wholesale slaughter of Muslims, Christians that didn't tow the enforced party line, and more Pagans during their various pogroms, Witchhunts, and Inquisitions of the Middle Ages  to the setting up of concentration camps of their own during World War II like Jasenovac ( )    which saw the extermination of 700,000 people under the auspices of the Catholic Church in Yugoslavia during World War II, while at the same time in many instances being totally silent in regards to the atrocities being committed by the Nazis in Germany ( ) (and really Hitler, an avowed Christian,'s atrocities can in many ways be seen as an extension of the various pogroms, witchhunts, and genocides perpetrated by the Protestants and Catholics in Europe from the Middle Ages to as recently as 1811 in Germany); to the rampant molestation of children by their clergy in modern times, to the wholesale slaughter of millions that the Catholics have allowed to happen in Rwanda in recent years (  In this link the great author Christopher Hitchens discusses the matter ).  The world really has seen no other force that has come anywhere near matching the amount of atrocities committed by adherents of the Christian faith (  This link   contains a catalogue of all of them for further confirmation).


As far as the point I made about Mitt Romney being a member of a dangerous and secretive cult goes, Investigative Journalist and Cult Researcher Richard Abanes in his highly regarded book "One Nation Under Gods:  A History of the Mormon Church ( ) gives extensive evidence to back up this statement as does Historian Will Bagley in his highly regarded book about the Mountain Meadows Massacre "Blood of the Prophets:  Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows" as does the Dean of Literature Professors at Yale University Harold Bloom in his section on Mormonism in his highly regarded work of religious criticism "The America Religion:  The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation" ( ) that he concludes by stating "I tremble with fear of the day that America has a Mormon President. " and whom recently said that a "Romney Presidency would mean the strengthening of Theocracy in America."  As does the work of any seriously inclined and reputable academic researcher into the question of Mormonism that isn't a tenured professor at Brigham Young University. 


Lastly, ever since the night of his election in 2008, Barack Obama HAS BEEN the victim of the vilest smear campaign in American Political History or at least the most vile one going back to the era of McCarythism in the 1950s, and it has been perpetrated by the Religious Right, the toadies of the last dregs of America's White, Monied Elite Ruling Class; and the Goosestepping Ayn Rand Acolytes on AM Talk Radio, Fox News, and every other major Conservative News Outlet.

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this is all a bit.... serious.

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anyway. permaban in 5...4...3...

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

This thread title sure isn't going to help your cause

And with this, I don't expect you to last long here. I can understand not agreeing with Kasz's reasoning/views/ways (have disputed with him myself a time or two), but he's a valuable asset to the site and a respected staff member.

There are other ways to handle situations like this.


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is this evilbanana again?

A permaban would confirm that Kasz216 is a facist.

I've heard that IBTL posts are frowned upon around these parts so I'm padding this one out a bit.

Anyway, that should do it.

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