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Next Big Nintendo IP Annoucement For Wii U?

F-ZERO 19 7.92%
KIRBY 5 2.08%
STAR FOX 36 15.00%
YOSHI 54 22.50%
METROID 69 28.75%
D.K. 9 3.75%
SMALL IP'S (GOLDEN SUN, ... 3 1.25%

So Wii U is released! We have a mario game(2D) and soon to come Mario Kart, Mario 3D, and SSB4! Not including the obvious Which of Nintendo's IP's is going to be announced next?

We have Pikmin 3 later so thats guaranteed!!! Zelda is a known fact but probably wont released to 2014?!? Rumors of Yoshi (he technically has his own franchise) is said to maybe come out this following year? We also have franchise's coming for/or already out on 3ds!!! (Fire Emblem, AC new leaf, KIU, Pokemon)

This is a poll to see whats the next IP to be released! Remember this doesn't include Pikmin or Mario Titles(Most people vote for this so lets maker harder to decide) and to make it more interesting no Zelda for the poll (Most likely come out 2014 anyway) No pokemon either Sorry! Techniqually we also have a wario game so thats a no from that IP! CHOOSE wisely and see if your vote comes out correct in the upcoming months!!! I can only choose ten thats why i excluded Obvious choices!

You Decide

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Forgot to post my guess would be star fox, He needs to return on the big screen!!!

It NEEDS to be Star Fox.

I WANT it to be Metroid.

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I think Metroid's going to be the next step to Ninty to mainly show the gamepad functions and also the graphics !!

I really think Retro's game will be ready to be announced rly soon and I believe/wish it's Metroid Prime 4.


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The two most likely are star fox and metrid because of retro studios IMO. But like i said before Nintendo likes surprises and might hurry and announce something and release it less than 3 months later EX NSMB2! So its anybodies race!!!

I personally hope they create a new I.P, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what the next LOZ is going to look like but I think were due for a new series.

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I need Pokemon! Just like Pokemon Stadium on the N64, mimi games and gym matches :) It was great

Mario Universe for Christmas 2013. Can't wait for Zelda though, and whatever Retro is working on.

Out of those IPs Donkey Kong and Animal Crossing are the two that would bring the most sales. They should release those and focus on the smaller selling titles later.