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Watch all your favorite online shows and movies with PlayOn on your Wii U

PlayOn brings Hulu (without paying for Hulu Plus!), HBO Go*, CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN and ESPN 3*, Nick, PBS, TLC, Discovery, TBS, BET and over 50 more channels to your Wii U. So, while the native Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon VOD apps that come with the Wii U are great, if you really want to watch lots of stuff on your Wii U – you need PlayOn! For a limited time, you can get it for FREE — take a look at the offer details on the right. Install PlayOn on your PC and turn your Wii U into a video powerhouse! It's no wonder PlayOn was named one of the Top 100 New Innovations by Popular Science Magazine.

With Playon, you don't need Hulu Plus to watch Hulu. Use your savings for something useful like more games for your Wii U.

You can watch 50+ more channels on your Wii U, including Hulu, Comedy Central, PBS, HBO Go, TLC, MTV, Food Network and more. You will not be able to watch these channels without PlayOn.

Remember that really funny video you took of the monkeys at the zoo that's on your PC? Now you can watch it on your TV. Want to share vacation videos with family over the holidays? PlayOn makes it easy.

You can browse PlayOn on the GamePad, no more waggling a Wii remote. Use touchscreen controls to navigate and select videos. You can watch videos on the GamePad or the TV.

Get PlayOn for free on your Wii U

We love using PlayOn on the Wii U and we think you will too. In fact, we're so excited about the Wii U, we want to give you a year of PlayOn for free, no catch! Just use your Wii U GamePad to go to or click on the "GET PLAYON FREE" button below. Don't wait, this offer is only good until Christmas Eve!

Hurry! This offer won't last. Expires on 12/24/2012.


Certainly got my attention. I am gonna try it out!

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......I'm skeptical but I'll try it.

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Seems too good to be true. But.. tagged for later.

is this truth? i'm don't believe it!!

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It'll be interesting if/when the Wii U is homebrewed whether or not they can maybe figure out a way to stream a PC game to the Wii U.

Basically like a wireless network, just one for your home rather than the OnLive model of having to stream from remote servers.

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someone please try it so we can see what the catch is

I actually looked into this service awhile back when I was debating on getting rid of Hulu+. There seems to be more negative than positive comments (usually the case when it comes to the internet). I would advise anyone to look further into it because from what I gathered from this company isn't that good. They seem to offer the world yet deliver a sub standard service.

fantastic, if it is true

I tried it free for a week on the Wii but the streaming services were too slow so I never paid for it. Maybe they will be faster on WiiU... I'll let you know.

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I followed all of the steps. Tried watching a few shows and nothing has worked, yet. It's asking me to go to my settings and log into my Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go account--and I only have Netflix. I'm not gonna log into that, yet. I'll try Hulu but if they ask me to give them any personal info, I'm just going to delete the app from my PC (yes, you have to have a PC), and erase everything from my Wii. And, for the record, the link in the OP also showed that this works on every device from Xbox 360 to PS3 to Wii to smartphones, tablets, etc. It's not something unique to the Wii U.

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