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Will Multimedia affect your next generation purchase?

Yes. Play a major role 9 16.36%
It will play a avarage role. 10 18.18%
Will play a small role. 13 23.64%
Just give me games. No Multimedia. 23 41.82%

Next year at Xmas the next generation in home consoles truly kicks off with the relase of one if not 2 of the power competitors of console market.

With tecnology taking the route it as over te last few years Theres every possibility next generation will be more about the multimedia experience as a whole and less about just what games it has. 

Would its multimedia capabilities and communication with other devices like phones and tablets be something to influence your buy? If a home console could act as the only box you need under your TV where you could literally view anything from your current cable or satelite provider through it to linking your tablet as well, would that be part of the deciding factor over another console without those features?

Tell us. Have a vote. Or would you be happy having just a game console next to your cable box and Bluray player or whatever you have their already?

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I'm already apart of the next generation.


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I buy them all. No need to taste one piece of the pie and think i'm special.

I will buy the system that will most likely give me a new Halo game. So far, I think Xbox might be a good choice then.

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games , power and free online , this 3 factors will make my decision.


Multimedia does not matter to me. It all about the games and of those games its all about the JRPGs. They are the reason I buy consoles and whoever gets what I want will get my purchase.

Games are the only thing i look at when i buy a console. I will always have other options for multimedia-things.

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multimedia will play no roll. the console i have the most interest in right now is Ouya

i'm already on borad with Sony, and waiting to see what more ninty has to offer.

Valve, i'm taking a wait and see approach. MS, i'm almost not interested.

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-Online (Free on one? both? none?)
-Power (Similar? 2x? 4x?)
-Controller (Will MS/Sony switch it up like Wii U?)
-Release (MS or Sony first - really about initial price drop)

It'd be tough to switch to a MS console after being with Sony for 2 gens. I wish I could afford both, maybe by then I will be able to.