Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Journey is now available on XBLA!!!

I've been waiting ages for this!!

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Oh, snap, another exclusive lost!!!1!

We have the sequel, even better!


Pretend Exclusive: A 3rd party multiplat, that releases for multiple consoles in the same window, in which all press showings and marketing are catered to only one console. Exclusive console bundles, being the lead platform, as well as timed exclusive/exclusive  betas and game content also strengthen the claim. The final effect is that the uninformed gamer will be convinced that the version primarily advertised is the only and/or best place to experience the game.

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Damn! You guys are so lucky :(

You have waited ages for a sequel of a game that was released this year?

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Lol. I was gonna say I didnt like the game anyway, so whats the point.

But the OP made me laugh. Leave Journey the game on PS3 though.

i'll admit, you got me with that thread title. bravo sir.


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I find it weird that they thought that The Rock was the best guy to star in the Journey sequel.

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Woot :P

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Ha! I was about to be so happy. I want to play this game so badly, I just never really turn my PS3 on to think about it anymore.

One of these days I'll remember to get it and The Unfinished Swan...