Forums - Microsoft Discussion - 5 reasons microsoft will fall behind next generation

So with all this wii u speculation going around lately I figured I would take a crack at 'mindless speculation with nothing to truly back it'. I have long stated that I believe microsoft will be the next to make the serious mistakes. I was going to present my key point first but I think I will save it until last. The media, analysts and forum posters believe it is simple. Once 360 2 and ps4 come out wii u will be finished. But is it really that simple? I say no. Why? Because microsoft and sony are not immune to making mistakes and what is also interesting to note is (despite what you think right now) their systems are in for as much of a struggle as wii u when they come out regardless of their current 'street cred'. So without further ado I present to you my 5 arguments of why microsoft will be last in the next generation.

1. They have no clear path

The words 'core' and 'casual' are constantly thrown around the gaming community. While there are differing views of what defines these two groups one thing is for sure. The majority of the core hate 'gimmicks'. They have blasted nintendo for their family approach and walked away towards microsoft instead. Years of great social gaming and achievement hunting. All the third party support being shared with sony. No need to rush out to buy a far more expensive ps3. So it came as rather shocking to them that microsoft is not truly loyal to them, but to money. Like any business. They are starting to turn their backs on the core gamer in favor of the same types of 'gimmicks' nintendo betrayed them with. They are making multimedia functions a priority ahead of exclusive content. To show that one of their highlights at this years e3 was a nike game you know they have lost the plot. And it is all because of kinect. These purists will never accept kinect and they don't know why microsoft is trying. But they will have to get used to it. Constant rumors are doing the rounds that the next xbox will come bundled with kinect in the box. Kinect is here to stay.

2. Xbox live gold

Sony and nintendo are offering free online services. While there are many glaring holes in nintendo (bad connections, no achievements, online store maintenance, limiting chat functions) sony have all but caught up with microsoft. There is arguably only one feature that matters now. Cross game chat. Given vita has this much clamoured for function it is highly likely ps4 will. So why would one pay for a gold membership if sony correct their only problem. You can do all that on psn. Why not put that money to better use instead of paying yearly charges? XBL gold get out of here. We won't need you next generation. Dropping the price is a good idea but gamers would prefer this to be free. Everybody else is doing it. Why not microsoft? And no they don't even show any indication of dropping the price either.