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It sucks because Youtube via the browser on Wii U was an absolute beast. I would be watching Team Five Star Dragon Ball Z Abridged on the TV right now and posting on Vgchartz with the pad. Now, there seems to be some sort of issue.

Guess I have to go back to watching Youtube via the PS3/360 styled Youtube app (which sucks regardless of platform).

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Youtube apps suck. All of them. Even the ones on iOS.

VGKing said:
Youtube apps suck. All of them. Even the ones on iOS.

The new one's pretty good. However, it took google 3 months (yeah, that's not a typo. 3 MONTHS.) to upgrade the YouTube app for iPhone 5.

Youtube recently changed their format so that might be why.

I couldn't play my daughter's favorite planet song so she got mad :(

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youtube, broken everywhere atm.

It's a YouTube problem, not a Wii U problem.


Yeah Youtube itself changed recently. It looks funny now. I fear change.

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Its a Google issue and will hopefully be fixed soon. Has to do with HTML5 vs Flash and for some reason the recent update to Youtube has been serving flash videos to WiiUs browser. There is a work-around though. Part of the url will have "watch?v=". Replace this with "embed/" and the video will still work as before, even being able to hand off to TV and continue to browse.

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wowwww i thought i was the problem, thats a big relief lol