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damn, why is every IGN reviewer such a downer ? , he is saying that a dancing/rhythm game makes no sense, he is saying just dance 4 is a bit childish and a bit too flashy and has people dancing in it, the horror!

I am pretty sure this guy is going to be giving 10/10 to a game where it just shows you a guy dancing /being bored in an office listening to a song made by Sunn 0)))

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Hey it's IGN there not known for giving fair reviews and im pretty sure this game's audience doesnt really care what this guy says one way or the other thats why the game is in its fourth iteration. So the lesson learned dont listen to IGN reviewers :P

I bet he's sour because nobody is going to listen to his opinion on this game, even if it's positive. He can only take out his frustration on Metacritic.

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psh, I would be a downer too if I got stuck reviewing a dancing game...

I just want to throw this out there: I've never understood why all of the Just Dance characters are chubby and otherwise unattractive (both male and female).


EDIT: Holy fuck this video review is blowing my mind. The guy sounds positive with his tone of voice. Constantly. Yet every word is a negative word. The discrepancy here is pulling my atoms apart.

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Well, Just Dance does have some issues - like only tracking your right hand (Both Kinect and Wii). So I think that is a fair criticism.

But not realizing 'Never Going to Give you Up" with Godzilla in the background is just awesome! The wacky style is part of its charm.

Plus it seems like it has many great songs throughout the ages. He should have compared it to Dance Central 3. While I really like it, there are a few songs in DC3 that are so bad, I can barely get through them. And I really, really don't ever want to hear them again.

It seems like the review is mostly directed at the designers of the game. As many people are going to buy it anyway.


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gergroy said:
psh, I would be a downer too if I got stuck reviewing a dancing game...

^ LOL this, seem like they make the most people do random reviews, I would hate to do a review on a gaming genre I hate like Sports ;x.

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didn't see the video but about those dance games, i only played dance central with few different people and it was great fun, i wouldn't play it alone for hours but i can still understand how people can love it and i would never say those games are bad or don't deserve to be successful or whatever as long as they work.

great game with friends or family/girlfriend, no clue what's so wrong with that. maybe the idea of a social life makes some people crazy^^

the only real problem i see is that most of those games only track your hands right? i mean, i understand dance central but games only tracking your hands? that would get a downgrade from me but the idea of those games is not so bad as many always say.

"The reviewer sounds like he could suck the fun and life out of a child's birthday party and then critique it on its immature setting." Most epic comment in history. Sums it all pretty much.

It's a dance game, it's his job to rip it.