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People who have a Wii U, what Wii U game has made you excited as you put it into your console. What game just speaks awesomeness. I ask this question because when I first saw ZombiU, I was like wow! that is going to be good. Sadly the reviews came in and staved off my excitement. Pikmin 3 looks like the next contender for me :). Honestly sometimes I get a little jittery when putting in an awesome game that I already played. What Wii U game is this for you?

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I'd say ZombiU for a released game, its a unique experience.

Pikmin 3 or Aliens upcoming.

Funky Barn. I literally said, "Wow!" when I saw it.

Zombi U

Pikmin 3 easily. It's artistically gorgeous and looks as if it'll be very challenging. Until Nintendo reveals more about Bayonetta 2 (gameplay footage please), I'm quite in love with The Wonderful 101. Definitely a very different take on Pikmin's concept, complemented with a delightfully wacky tone. Finally, Lego City: Undercover is my dark horse. I think it will be a great, possibly overlooked gem.

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Zombi U had wow moments. Everyone who has played the game loves it.

ZombiU is a "wow" game.

None. ZombiU is garbage. Only "good" games are multiplatform, and why buy a game on an inferior platform. Especially anything multiplayer related. So right now, they have no "wow" type titles. WiiU's best title is Mario, and that is old in feel. But then again, that is Nintendo's fault.

Nano assault neo, mainly because it's only 81MB, I really thought I read it wrong.

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ZombiU made me "wow" when I saw the trailer for it and a few gameplay videos pre-release. Unfortunately, I've been hesitant to pick it up because 1) shaky reviews and 2) price is probably going to take a hit right after Christmas.

Aside from that, no "wow" games yet. Given this (and the fact that many people here seem to agree with me on the lack of "wow" games), I'm extremely surprised the Wii U has been selling so well. I guess that's just the power of Nintendo. I guess we core Ninty fans will always pick up the new console regardless (because we know the games are coming), but it's still interesting to see.