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Which Exclusive to hit 15mil Next???

Pokemon Main Series Game!
Mario 2D/3D Platformer
Mario Kart Game
Gran Turismo
A Playstation IP (not including Gran Turismo)
An Xbox IP (not including Halo)
A Wii U IP (not including mario)
None in the Next Two Years!

As of now i made two polls! One for 3DS and one for Vita so check them out! My last poll today i ask which game (exclusive) will hit 15mil next??? Keep in mind only 25 games(both exclusive and multi) have made that mark!!! It could be a game released now or a game release in 2013 or even 2014? Who knows?

If you want to be specific then go ahead but in the polls i'll write franchises If i put more than one mario game thats because there different franchise's!!! So Dont get Mad!!! Good Luck with your choices!!!

You Decide!!!!!

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New Super Mario Bros U

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hmm it may be NSMBU if Wii U takes off soon. Halo 4 is not going to get there, neither is GT5. So either NSMBU, NSMB2 or something else from Nintendo that is as appealing to the masses as WiiFit/Sports

Mario mart 7. Possibly nsmb2.


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Super Mario 3D Land

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Nintendo Land if current trends continue. It's outselling NSMBU in most categories, though both have a good shot of reaching that milestone.

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WayForward Kickstarter is best kickstarter:

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

badgenome said:
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

HEYYYY, i think your on to something ;P

I voted mario 2d, 3d specific.

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