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Over all four SKU's, Epic Mickey has only managed approximately 410,000 in both NA and Europe.  Absolutely dreadful. 

If you take away the lead Wii SKU, the three HD versions combined have sold only 190,000. 

In addition, with an install base of only 552,000 in the US... The Wii U SKU has managed to nearly equal sales of the 360 and PS3 versions.  That's absolutely nutty.

Hard numbers for y'all...

Wii version: 118,000

Wii U: 40,000

360: 60,000

PS3: 50,000

Compared to the first Epic Mickey, and even accounting for there being four SKU's this time instead of just one, Epic Mickey has gone from multi-million seller to under a half-million seller, to an install base nearly triple what the original game had only being Wii.


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People don't care when bad games don't sell well.

this is what happens to multiplatform games, just lost it pull for Nintendo gamers.


how many weeks has this been on sale?

theprof00 said:
how many weeks has this been on sale?

Two weeks now... and in the second week all but the Wii version had already dropped out of the top 100 sellers in the USA.   Dreadful.


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The first game left a bad taste in gamers mouths and the second game had mediocre reviews. The surprise isn't that it sold less on PS360, it's that it sold more to Wii and Wii U gamers who should have known better.

The game was barely marketed, it's their own fault. These companies need to learn if they want their games to sell, they need to market the games. They didn't even really preview the game at all...

I think Warren Specter is going to find himself out of a job come early next year. Disney's already said they have no appetite for console games, and with severe decline in consumer response from the first Epic Mickey to the second, I seriously doubt that they'd green-light a third game.


410,000 is more then it's worth. Hopefully it will have bad legs. Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

kivi95 said:
410,000 is more then it's worth. Hopefully it will have bWi

With a 300-person development team and two full years of production, I'm honestly surprised the game turned out so poorly.  The game could have fixed the mistakes of the first and turned it into a durable franchise, but instead it's just turned into a senseless waste.