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So... I have a little debate with a friend who says that there is no game that has good graphics and also bad gameplay. In other words, Games that look good, in his opinion, always come with good gameplay. I think he's wrong. I can think of some examples of games with great gameplay and not very good graphics, but I couldn't counter his argument with some games that look good but with horrible gameplay.

And Nintendo games don't count because when we say graphics we are not talking about specs, we refer to design.


Can you give me a Top 5 of games that look great but the gameplay ruins it?

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I'll give you a controversial one, a game that I hated but almost everyone else loved: L.A. Noire. To me, it was a boring, long-winded game dressed up fancy. I came nowhere close to having any real fun with it.

original Assassins Creed is mediocre, Call of Duty Declassified sucks, Medal of Honor Warfighter sucks, resident evil 6 sucks, Final Fantasy XIV or XIII 1 and 2 are not great either etc. Most good looking games will be good but not because of the graphics. It has something to do with the budgets they had

Operation Flashpoint games and homefront were also bad games that looked pretty decent. 

The problem is what are you considering games that looks good.  Are you talking about games that look good or games that are top quality good.

JayWood2010 said:

Call of Duty Declassified sucks, 

That game is far, far, far from 'beautiful'.

P.S.  Read the OP again, he mentions games with good graphics but poor gameplay in the first sentence.

The entire Crysis franchise.

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Final Fantasy XIII

really though, if a game has good graphics, it generally means enough time and effort was put into that there is always an arguable case as to why the game is good. I personally may not like some games with good graphics, but it doesn't mean that others won't.

Basically, you are involved in an argument in which neither one of you can be proven right or wrong as it is completely subjective, congrats!

Any bad PC game with an HD texture mod.

Wii_R2_Hardcore said:

And Nintendo games don't count because when we say graphics we are not talking about specs, we refer to design.


That makes no sense, but I'm pretty sure I know what you intended to say :P


I think Skyrim matches perfectly - The game as a whole is beyond awesome, but the actual gameplay is stale as fuck.

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stunning looking game but not the best gameplay

I can give you two, if VGC agrees to give me 10 minutes to run away:

Uncharted: Brilliant graphics, terrible gameplay (imo)

Killzone 2&3: Looks good, but terrible voice acting and gunplay let it down something fierce.