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So my other half James got me into PS gaming in 2011 and said we have to get this amazing new game called ES: Skyrim. Not having owned a PS3 before, I had no clue what this was and what to expect. Safe to say I LOVED it and sank over 300 hours into it (I'd love to still be playing but I'm STILL Waiting for the DLC) and so James bought me Oblivion last Christmas. I've not opened it before today and I've just started playing it.

The first thing that strikes me is that the graphics are nowhere near as good as Skyrim so that kinda put a downer on it straight away for me. There is also no epic opening score as on Skyrim. All in all I'm feeling very underwhelmed with my Oblivion experience.

Is the game good? As good or even better than Skyrim? Opinions here please - I don't wanna waste my time!!!

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Its less casual than Skyrim.

It is alright, altough the Third Person mode is really bad. And the main quest is very linear

I loved Skyrim (playing it through again now), but thought Oblivion was pretty awful. I don't know what it is about the game, it just feels flat and lifeless.

skyrim is so much better.
id recommend fallout or fallout new vegas over oblivion.

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The fact that the graphics aren't as good as Skyrim's is not much of a consideration, considering that Oblivion came out in 2006 (which is leaps and bounds different than now). If graphics ARE the only thing you care about, then you should probably not play anything from before or early in the 360 or PS3 development, because they're not going to look perfect any more.

Anyways, the game itself is actually quite good. As with all Elder Scrolls games, there's a good bit of lore and what not and, as always, a fairly decent amount of content to go through. I liked the story as well and thought it was pretty good. It's not Morrowind or Skyrim good, but it holds itself well.

Got a whole bunch of RPG of the Year, PC Game of the Year and Game of the Year from a LOT of publications in 2006 and the reviews were quite solid. Everyone I knew who played it (myself included) enjoyed it a lot.

It's worth the time, if you're looking more for story and game play instead of pure graphics.

It's really good though if you played Skyrim first you might be a bit disappointed.

But for its time it was awesome. GOTY 2006 http://gotypicks.blogspot.de/2008/12/2006-game-of-year.html

Also get Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas while you're at it.

Oblivion is a brilliant game, stick with it!

Give Morrowind a spin, too.

oblivion is way better thna skyrim IMO


Oblivion was really good but Skyrim is better