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Bungie founder reveals new game

December 11, 2012 11:26AM PST
By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Alex Seropian and new studio Industrial Toys take the lid off Morning Star, due for iOS devices in spring 2013.

Bungie founder Alex Seropian has big plans for his first game with new studio Industrial Toys. The company today announced its first game, Morning Star, a sci-fi shooter for iOS devices that aims to "raise the bar for mobile graphics" when it arrives during spring 2013.


"With Morning Star, we're looking to change expectations for what kind of experience core gamers get from their mobile devices," Seropian said in a statement.

Morning Star was built from the ground up for touch-based controls and is billed as a "complete reimagining of the shooter."

It is set 120 years into the future (around 2132) and brings players aboard the MSRV-Joplin, a research vessel equipped with heavy weaponry. Players seek out a mysterious signal, and as is often the case, disaster takes hold and gamers are thrust into the middle of an intergalactic war.

Morning Star runs on the Unreal Engine. For more on the game, check out its first screenshots below.









By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He lives in Connecticut, works out of the company's New York City office, and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

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lol whats even going on in this one 

Those screens dont look very appealing.

what the...?

I'm not really here!

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Just realize that this is The Bungie Founder, not Bungie themselves. This is a horrible route that he has taken in my opinion

is this a new game for DS?

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Roma said:
is this a new game for DS?

lol looks like it huh?  Its for IOS devices

Oh. Wow. Leaving Bungie sure helped him a bit...

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So its the cheap Halo for iOS, maybe it will bea decent game anyway.

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