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The game section was fully stocked on thursday when I left, and this was Monday at midnight.


Games are either totally gone or there is only one left.



Halo Anniversary

Saints Row 3

Madden 13




Kinect Sports

Game Party

Just Dance 4

L.A Noir

Dance Cenral

Nike Fitness

Kinect sports season 2


Lego Batman the videogame

Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 are restocked regularly.



Batman Ark Goty

WWE vs. Raw 2011

Sniper Ghost War

Ratchet and Clank Collection

Dead Island goty

NCAA Football 12

Madden 13

Sniper Elite V2


doom 3 BFG edition



Gravity Rush

Dungeon hunter alliance

Hary Poter 5-7


Wii/Wii U

Just Dance 4 Wii U

Just Dance 4 Wii

Madden 13 Wii U

Tramsformers Prime WiiU

Zumba Core

Madden 13 wii

Murumasa (40.00 dollars)

Ice Age: Continental Drift

CoD Black ops 2 Wii U

Assassins creed 3 wii u

Ninja Gaiden 3

Marvel Avengers Wi U

NBA 2k 13 wi u

wipeout wii u

Barbie Jetset (30 dollars)

Season 2 Sam and Max beyond space and time

Trivia Pursuit: Bet you know it

Cars 2

Disney Universe

Mario Galaxy 1+2

Minute to win it

Epic Mickey

NFS Nitro


Mario Kart Wii

Mario Party 9

NSMB wii

Kirby Anniverary ( second time this has sold out there)

Cabelas Dangersous hunts 13

Just Dance 3

The hip hop dance experience ( this seems to be big this year?)

Sadly people do not care about Skyward sword. It was full with no restocking....


DS/3DS ( beast)

COD Black Ops

Pets Nursery 2

Kingdom HeartsRe:coded

Wipeout ( what is the appeal?)

Mario vs Dk

Super Mario 64

Mario Party DS

Poke Silver

Poke conquest

Poke black

White 2 and Black 2

Big time rush ( 29.99 dollars)

Rise of the Guardians

Wreck it wralph ( multiple times now!)

Bubble Guppies

Hotel Translyannia

Zelda SPirit tracks

Lego Batman 2

Tetris axis

DQM2 Joker

Littles pet shop winter

Harry Potter 5-7

Mario and sonic London

Pirates of carribean lego

The sime 3

The Naked Brothers band ( 15 dollars)



Rune Factory 2

Mario kart 7

Scibble Nauts unlimited

fifa 13 3DS

Angry Birds tirlogy

Moshi Monsters ( the hell?)

Bratz Fashion 3ds

Wreck it ralph 3ds

Hotel Translyvannia 3ds

lalalopys 3DS

Art academy 3ds

Style Savvy trend

Where the wild things are DS

Driver Renegade

Spirit camera

Magic School bus Ocean ( 15 dollars)

zhu zhu princess

MLb 2k12 DS and 2k11




The sims 3

There were some more, but I forgot to write them down and only noticed I missed the PC section as I was leaving.

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Did you actually write down each game found on the shelf and later checked which ones where left? Damn, that must have taken some work!

Anyway, looks like Nintendo's sales are freaking Huge, as expected around Christmas.

Good news for Nintendo I guess, hope this trends continues outside of your Wallmart.

Nintendo and PC gamer

Yes. I spent half of two lunches. It always fills me with joy when my favorite systems games are sold out.

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neat thread, out of curiosity, were systems sold out too?

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Overall, any idea how the big 3DS/Wii U software is doing? And consoles too.

Hey thanks for the info

lol @PC part. Waaah, why does no one pay attention to PeeCee!?


:/ I'm a sad panda if this game is not selling. Easily top 3 on WiiU right now.

Wow, good analysis. My target has its electronics BUSY selling all of their games, although I don't know which ones lol. I have not seen a Wii U on the shelf for more than an hour though, so thats good.

Estelle and Adol... best characters ever! XD

spurgeonryan said:


Sadly people do not care about Skyward sword. It was full with no restocking....


Super Mario 64


Bold: !*$&%#*%&!!!!1 Stupid people are stupid confirmed.

Italic: O.O... Still? Uber legs, stupid people redeemed themselves slightly.