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How amazing would the games be

Epic 43 28.10%
Awesome 19 12.42%
Okay 20 13.07%
No difference -_- 71 46.41%


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yes please Sony buy Sega!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Turkish said:

And let them do their thing like Sony allows their 1st party studios. Sega would have much needed financial aid. Many lost Sega franchises would be revived and everyone would be happy. Both Sega and Sony are the companies with the most innovative games.

Ofcourse games would be Playstation exclusive, and PC, via Gaikai.


Sega+Sony are a killer combo.

eh, if somebody can bring back shining force in all of its glory I would be in. Although, I doubt Sony would be looking to aquire such a large publisher, especially in their current financial situation.

The only console maker I could see making that purchase would be microsoft, but I doubt they would since they are so dead in japan. More likely sega stays independent or gets picked up by another game publisher rather then a hardware maker.

I don't think they really need to. Besides, isn't Sega a little too big for Sony to buy?

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No company should buy Sega, it's waste of resources because no Sega IP is really that big to make up for the investment. Sonic is probably the only one, but the franchise have lost a lot of fans thanks to all recent games (aside from Colors and Generations).

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Roma said:
yes please Sony buy Sega!

Imagine Shenmue 3 on next gen ps4, I can already imagine Kowloon in full glory!

lol Sony is the reason why Sega left the console biz.

If anything MS should buy Sega. They need the 1st party studios. XBLA has had the most Dreamcast ports out of all modern consoles and ergo has the Sega fans interests at heart.


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Roma said:
yes please Sony buy Sega!

You're bad.

@OP. I think Sega would be a good snag for either of the big 3 (or 4+ soon, who knows). They have a slew of IPs, so their potential can't be numbered.

When Sony can help Sega and bring them to old glory ->awesome.