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Here are the ratings for the VGA'S. These are pretty bad numbers. 

-9 PM: 0.384 million viewers, 0.19 A18-49

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Wow thats weak o.O

Xbox Live viewers?

was a shit production though.

That's for spike tv. Not sure of the Xbox live numbers.

GianCarmen said:
That's for spike tv. Not sure of the Xbox live numbers.

thats what I mean.  it was streamed live, good chance the numbers there were quite high.

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It's a niche show with a lot of internet based streaming traffic. Bet they still made good ad revenue, though, since it's a highly targeted audience. Advertisers know for certain that the majority of people who see their ads are in their target demographic.

I wouldn't mind seeing them lose some of the celebrities, though, since they really don't bring in the general public and probably cost far more than they're worth.

Its possible that they could be higher on Xbox Live. Cant find numbers for last year, but the 2010 and 2009 numbers are in the 600,000 viewer range.

I do suspect that the VAST amount of viewers came from the internet+Live.

I'm not surprised. Sam Jackson was a cringeworthy host.

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i would have watched it if it wasn't on spike. not buying cable ever again.

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