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Even though the Wii U has had sales in Japan very close to that of the Wii, stocks have still taken a hit:

"Nintendo fell 4.8 percent to 8,800 yen in Osaka trading, extending the declines this year to 17 percent."

Does this stock hit indicate that investors are not convinced by the WIi U? Will Ninty manage to gain back any of it's lost ground? Does anyone think that Nintendo will have to bring out another console in a few years time? 

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Ouch. Those are some depressing graphs.

Well, shit.

And NTDOY continues to sit like a boat anchor in one of my portfolios. If it were actually worth anything, relative to the principle it was purchased at, I'd sell it today.

While it's way too soon to be making any predictions on how this will continue to unfold for Nintendo on the business and investment side of things, the reality is that the Wii U simply lacks the trend setting impact the Wii had back in 2007 for the lack of any Wii Sports killer app or Wii Fit back in 2008.

Unless that happens, the Wii U runs the risk of being a platform primarily for Nintendo fans and die hard gamers who buy every new piece of hardware as it's released.

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lol the stock has been going down long before WiiU. The Wii made the stock go much higher than in theory it was worth due to the bandwagon of investors.

There are also many factors in Japan that have impacted on this.

I bet most electronic companies in Japan are down atm.



"“We believe it was a strong start,” Minagawa said in a phone interview from Kyoto. “Just as the Wii sold out at many outlets on its debut, the Wii U is also out of stock at the retailers.”"

Really? Sold out? I thought Nintendo learned from its Wii launch and had more available consoles:? How can Wii U sell less than the Wii but still be sold out? Someone is lying.

OT: The Wii U is being sold at a loss so that explains the stock thing.

Most "investors" are not sophisticated and invest based on historical trends not the outlook for a company, which is why there was no shortage of investors buying when Apple was approaching $700 and there are no shortage of investors selling as Nintendo approaches $10.

I had to jump ship on my stock a while ago. Sadly. I expected so much more.

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Honestly I wouldn't buy Nintendo stock either.

I think they have another loss coming for this fiscal year (ends March 2013) and probably will miss both their 3DS and Wii U sales targets.

But I would blame the Wii U less and more the 3DS. The 3DS should be taking off right now, instead it's declining in North America (down year over year for November) when the DS was taking off with NSMB and DS Lite revision.

The other thing is so much focus is on hardware .... what about software? NSMB2 is selling nowhere close to NSMB1. Oni Training is selling no where close to Brain Training. They haven't really had a "new" break out hit in a long while.

Animal Crossing in Japan is a bright spot for them this year.

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