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Let's make lots of money

Halo 4
Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed
New Super Mario U
Assassins Creed 3
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Far Cry 3
The Walking Dead
Mass Effect 3

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seriously ??? Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed, New Super Mario U, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and The Walking Dead are on that list and no Max Payne 3??

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Battle Royale for me!
Although where is Uncharted GA & LBPVita?

Where is max payne?

Kingdoms of amalur: reckoning ???

A lack of Max Payne 3 is quite shocking so I voted for Far Cry 3 instead, which is a good game anyway.

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Suddenly a lot of people were impressed by Max Payne 3?? :O News to me

I'm offended by the lack of Guild Wars 2 in that list.


pezus said:
Suddenly a lot of people were impressed by Max Payne 3?? :O News to me

it honestly is an awesome game, loved every bit of it expect for the multiplayer. i really hope they make a max payne 4.

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how can someone doubt the walking dead on that list? i played only the first episode but that alone showed me that it deserved it and i easily one of the best this year.