Forums - General Discussion - Which group on this site are more extreme, relentless, ferocious?


nintendo gamers 57 23.95%
sony gamers 109 45.80%
microsoft.gamers 31 13.03%
pc gamers 8 3.36%
mobile gamers 3 1.26%
something else 9 3.78%
ewoks 21 8.82%

Is it the graphic loving PC group? Nintendonation? They see gold when all there is is bronze. Or is it the Sony team and when their leader lets them off their leash? Could it be the mob......I mean Microsoft ..big players on he site? Who are the most extreme? I will not allow any trolling if you decide to post here. Leave that shit on neogaf!

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Vita... just because.

People that play everything! Those guys are ruthless!! ...

I voted for ewoks.

I certainly see more trolling and general negativity from a specific group in your poll options than all the others....maybe even combined.

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We all know who they are.....

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The mods on this site are out of control.

I think Nintendo, being a fan myself. Sony fans I think have had too much bad press as of late to have much of a loud voice, so they have calmed a bit i think.

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Some Sony Gamers on this site can be relentless and ferocious at times.

axumblade said:
The mods on this site are out of control.

yeah they are!