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Impressed or not?

Not Impressed

What are your thoughts on the Wii U sales?

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I am very impressed. I feel it will be the leading console in Japan in the coming years. Just look at its launch numbers compared to other consoles!

Europe and America will be slow just like with the 3DS, until more games come, but it will be good in those areas with in the year as well.


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The bar has been set rather low by the 360 and PS3 launches, so maybe I'm not too impressed.

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Impressed. It is pretty much sold out. There is some stock of the basic version available but deluxe is hard to find.

I'm not impressed, but not shocked either. It seems to be a medium to good launch. But who really expected it to sell better than Wii or PS2. So it has set a good start. Now we have to wait, how sales develop over the year and how the competition launches.

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Given the fact that it is readily available everywhere during the holiday season with supply constraints of launch, the sales have to be considered catastrophically bad. I would project less than 20 million US sales LT.

green_sky said:
Impressed. It is pretty much sold out. There is some stock of the basic version available but deluxe is hard to find.

Most new consoles sell out in the beginning like that, even the PS3 did with it's rediculous price tag.

Meh, it performed adequately I guess. Not a revolution like the Wii though.


I'm far from impressed, but there have been worse launches. The Wii U can still go on to sell 20 or 200 million.

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Selling less than Wii, definitely not impressed. If I was a ntdoy stock owner, I would be selling as fast as possible.