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When will WiiU be the weekly Global sales leader?

This week - Japan will put it over the top! 58 19.21%
Some time in December. 17 5.63%
In the New Year - Japan w... 37 12.25%
Next Summer - It's supply constrained. 20 6.62%
Christmas 2013 - 3D Mario Needed... 61 20.20%
Never! PS360 is on a 10-year cycle! 105 34.77%
So, with WiiU now launched globally, when will it be the weekly leader in sales? Next week? Next month? Never? Since indicators are that it sold 300k in Japan, I'm guessing 150(NA)+150(EU)+300(JP) = 550k this coming week and the global lead in hardware as of its third week. Thoughts?

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Never possibly. Or if it is, I can't imagine it being the leader for long. Xbox and PS sales were very high during Black Friday suggesting that neither of those two consoles have a saturated market. Given that the economic condition in Europe and Japan are quite bleak, I cannot see enough people spending the money on the Wii U for it to be a weekly leader for any significant amount of time.

It will be rough going for a while. Pikmin 3 could help push it ahead after the holidays. I will assume it will own the chartz next holiday with a big holiday line up. Depending on what games come next year.

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I think this week is the best chance of the WiiU to be leader. If they don't come out at top, It's gonna be a long time before it is.

Your maths don't work, X360, PS3 and perhaps 3DS should all sell above 550K for the next tracked week.

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Nah I see it differently. To me, its allready the global leader...of next gen.

Xbox 720/PS4 sales = 0

Ergo, Wiiu has 100% market share of next gen consoles.


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Some time in December thats what i say


When they make:

b) An online, multiplayer Pokemon game akin to their portable ones but where the trainers you normally fight are actual people. Make it happen Nintendo!

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Technically it was the leader the day it launched, because it is a next generation console. It needs to be said now lest people conveniently forget. The next generation has begun, and the previous generation has ended. Nintendo is just running up a lead against non existent competition. It doesn't fundamentally matter how much they sell compared to last generation hardware. Nintendo won that previous generation, and they don't need to win it again.

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People have basically said what I'm thinking.  If it is going to be on top anytime soon it will be this next tracking week.  Even so it would be by the skin of its teeth.  The UK software numbers don't indicate a very strong hold for European sales.  Japan will add about 300k, but 360 sales are likely to be up as well.  Historically it seems to rise 10-20% this week.  That would put the 360 at 588k-642k.  If the European drop is anything like the US one it probably won't be able to reach it.  However the drop probably won't be quite so extreme since the European launch week was shorter and didn't include a massive shopping day.  If Europe is down 40% and USA stays steady than it probably won't take the week.  Its best hope is either strong sales in America or an uncharacteristically soft week for the 360.