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I've been thinking about this a lot lately. After seeing the impressive sales of PS3 and Xbox in November -- six or seven years after launch, mind you -- it started to dawn on me that the monumental success (and appeal) of these two HD consoles might seriously handicap the Wii U going forward. They each have a huge library of games, social applications, multimedia options, millions of users, etc.

But as I thought more and more about it, I came to the conclusion that the success and allure of PS3 and Xbox 360 might also seriously handicap PS4 and Xbox 720.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 were, in the words of Jerry Garcia, "built to last." Quite unlike the Wii. Which explains why Nintendo is launching its next-gen property, and probably should have done so sooner.

Many posters here and elsewhere assume that the PS4 and Xbox 720 will swing like a wrecking ball through the video game market when they arrive, but what if people see a $400 PS4 and a $500 Xbox 720 and compare them to a $300 PS3 and $250 Xbox 360, and choose the latter. Or simply choose neither, and continue to enjoy their seventh-generation consoles.

Just as Nintendo is punished for its success -- third-party games failing to sell in the shadow of its coveted first-party titles -- Microsoft and Sony might be punished for their success -- eighth-gen consoles selling poorly because their previous-gen consoles are so popular, so versatile, and so enduring.

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Depends on when they arrive and what they bring.

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This is why I think a rumor I saw a couple of weeks ago sounds so great. It had something to do with MS have a to sku plan with very different powered machines.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if a company took one cpu line, and one gpu line, and had a scaled platform. Launch a model for $199 that is barley more powerful than the PS3/360, but has a much more open UI. Alongside that launch a system for $599 that has a very powerful varient of that CPU/GPU family, and is near high end PC.

That should help sell new hardware, and make it easier for devs, than trying to port to PS3/360. My be stupid, but it would be something different.

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I agree with you here; and in addition I feel as though any next-gen system launching higher than $399 is just asking for failure. It will not be a repeat of this gen, certainly not for the first few years, that is for sure.


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There's no question that we are at a different time in gaming. It's not so much the success of the PS360 (PS2 alone sold more) but that games have gotten to the point where visuals are very impressive and the systems are of such high quality. It is hard to bring something that will offer a dramatically better experience without excessive cost for both hardware and software.

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I agree with you. Success of current gen will be a big issue when entering next gen. There are also quite a few additional burdens when it comes to developing for Next XBox/PS4. Most probably, the architecture will be quite different which makes programming at the beginning slow and difficult. Given also the rising costs in development we might see only a handful real next gen games in the first 1-2 years. Depending on how the market reacts to these games the companies will decide on their future resources. It will really all come down on how quickly the market reacts to the new consoles. Some companies might also decide for an in between strategy. In a best case scenario for Nintendo, companies will develop for WiiU and port to XBox720/PS4. 

It's very likely. As long as third parties are still supporting the old consoles due to their higher userbase, PS4 and Xbox³ will have a hard time if they don't have enough "next gen" exclusives (with that I mean real exclusives AND multiplats that are not on PS360).

Said it a while back that the WiiU was destined to have a poor start if it was similar to PS360. And that Sony/Microsoft eouldnt need to react in a major way.

Like it or not, a huge portion of gamers see the Wii as a mid-gen machine. The WiiU will have the public perception that its a console in the PS3/360 generation.

Why? Look at the games. Look at them.

What games are there that makes it stand out from the last generation? Assassin's Cre- oh. Call of Du- oh. New Super Mario Br- oh.

Look at what Wii, PS3 and 360 had at least hyped at launch. Wii Sport. Killzone 2. Gears of War. Compare those games to PS2 games and the difference is absolutely huge in either gameplay or how it looks. They simply looked next gen. There is next to nothing that differentiates the WiiU from last gen consoles. Its more of the same from Nintendo and the 3rd party offerings are already established franchises on platforms the public sees as equal.

The gamepad doesnt have impact even half of what the Wiimote did. It doesnt have a hard graphical impact like Gears and Killzone. The gamepad isnt a game changer, like the Wiimote. Its more of a game-enhancer.

Conegamer said:
I agree with you here; and in addition I feel as though any next-gen system launching higher than $399 is just asking for failure. It will not be a repeat of this gen, certainly not for the first few years, that is for sure.

@bold [irony] yes because in these days, 600$ tablets are a huge failure, so 400$ consoles will never have a chance. also the new console had 2 SKUs, and the one that sold the most is definitely the cheapest... [/irony]

@OP yes? like xbox 360, PS3 and wii were hurt by the huge success of PS2? each generation its the same all over again... the old ones start to sell poorly and the new ones are much more expensive but people buy them because the old ones were, how can i say this, OLD.

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Orbis (or is it called Omni?) and Durango will have issues of selling at first or will be competing head to head with its predecessor like the Wii-U is for the first few months to a year or two simply because third party devs will continue making games beyond next gen for the older systems.

Eventually sales will pick up but what I believe is instead of seeing a generation where all 3 systems sold decently like this gen will probably not happen....I feel like we'll be seeing another PS2/GCN/Xbox era soon and it wont be pretty l0l. (and no I dont mean the PS4 is gonna dominate the competition).

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