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I have completed the first stage twice but both times by accident lol

how do you make it without crashing on the last part right before the final flag?

what I don't like is that you have to play the game from the beginning if you fail on the second course :/

this is really HARD! Like NINTENDO HARD! but it is so addicting and I love it! 


how far did you go?

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Can't even make it half way without dying, im so terrible at it :(
Nintendoland is fantastic kinda reminds me of banjo tooie's mini games

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I'm stuck on stage 9 ...

When I fired up Nintendo Land I expected a mini-game collection made for toddlers. I did not expect the game to kick my arse. The only game in which I've made some progress is Zelda. I've yet to play Pikmin or Metroid or any of the 2+ player games.
I'm still stuck on the very first stage in DK Crash Course...

HappySqurriel said:
I'm stuck on stage 9 ...

try tilting the Pad a bit to the left and press the jump button and then straighten the pad when it's about to land.

gronk any particular place you keep on dying in?

the second level is insane! but I died on the second stage I think

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I got to the part with the springs in Area 9 and I don't know what to do. I always land upside down. =P

Kyuubi Ricky SSJ2 said:
I got to the part with the springs in Area 9 and I don't know what to do. I always land upside down. =P

try doing what I explained for Happysqurriel :)

if you think this one was hard wait until you get to the next one ^_^

@Forest: glad you finely got your WiiU and yeah NL is really a fun game more fun than I thought it would be!

I am shit at it. i am pretty good at all the rest and almost completed each game, i cannot pass the first stage of DK if has any stage, I cnanot see any goal or flagpole or end point..

I don't even understand how does it work.

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You want to know how to beat that last stage on the fist part without accident? You have to go semi fast (you don't have to haul ass but you can't slow poke around when going off the little ledges, you'll have to find the right speed) then slow down after your drop off at each section. However, if you go too slow off the little ledges then you will just topple over. So you have to go fast till you fall off the little ledge then stop yourself right before you fall off the big ledges to your death (make sure both of your wheels touch down before stopping or you'll be stuck in between ledges).  I usually keep one finger on the y button (reset button).

Pretty much make your first wheel hit then while the second wheel is sliding down is when you tilt it to the other side to prevent you from falling off the cliff. 

Have a quick question.  How do you take a picture during game to post on Miiverse?  I was going to take a picture during DK Crash Course but it seems like I've hit every button and can't figure it out.

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HappySqurriel said:
I'm stuck on stage 9 ...

Don't follow Roma's advice with tilting while jumping.  It might work but there shouldn't be any reason to need to tilt it during that section.  I just hit the r button with a good quick press (like a normal button press).  It should just launch you to each one without tipping you over.  It is all about having the right button press.