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Not my number one favorite title, but anyway:

Halo: Combat Evolved

- Elites are overpowered as fuck. Both their shields and their fire power.
- Hunters are underpowered as fuck. One pistol bullet in their back and they are dead.
- Shotgun works perfectly fine at middle range. Hard to find a point where the Assault Rifle actually gains an advantage over it.
- Pistols drop your shields (and kills you) with three bullets if the last one hits your head, making it superior to the Assault Rifle even in close combat.
- The Marines sucks dick. Their already low health won't regenerate, they freak the fuck out just by getting hit by one single plasma shot, they can't drive any vehicles except the Ghost which they solely use to betray your ass and get blown up.
- Plasma grenades never explode. Seriously, if you stick someone riding a vehicle they can just jump out and save themselves long before the grenade has blown up. Same goes for when trying to kill someone without sticking the grenade to them - they will have plenty of time to escape.
- The Scorpion Tank can't aim for shit. The crosshair is Never aligned with the actual shot, and the turret basically shoots in every direction except straight fucking forward.
- Road kills are overpowered like hell. Hit someone at 0.5 km/h and they will die.
- "The Library" is the worst piece of shit level ever created. This point alone is more than twice as annoying as all previously mentioned points combined.

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Metroid Prime

- No hints are cool, but having to search every room in the game with no clues is torture. Referring to the Space Jump Boots, before the Ice Beam and particularly the Artifacts.
- Similarly, a lot of unnecessary backtracking. Some is OK, exploring is great, but when it feels like work it's not OK. Fast travel options would be nice.
- Apart from Hive Mecha, the boss soundtracks are ambient and not memorable
- A few one-time scans and logs that you can't go back for
- The platforming feels a little heavy. Fixing that would make more scope for platforming segments and make the existing ones more enjoyable
- Some weapons and abilities feel like one-use, key-lock type structures. Making all weapons have dynamic use throughout the world would increase variety of strategy and exploration.

(fixed in Prime 2, which wasn't a better game overall though)

- Unhelpful and rushed menus
- Underuse of Morph Ball rooms, puzzles and in bosses
- Too slow to gain Morph Ball and Space Jump, which make the game much more bearable to navigate.

FaintZ said:

*epic moment*

Grats on Post One!

There are a few games I would consider as my favorites, so this is kind of hard.  I'll narrow it to one old one and one new one.

Final Fantasy Tactics:  Why aren't there more in this series?  What the bloody, foaming hell?  One of the most cherished and ported games ever, and they won't make more?  Idiots.  Why isn't there a spin-off for Agrias, one of the best characters since characters were created?  They still make fan-art of her in Japan on a regular basis.

Orlandu is too powerful.  I usually delete him right away.

Also, the last dungeon should scale.  Deep Dungeon is actually the REAL final dungeon, and it's awesome.  Um.  Really, though, the game is close to perfect and I can't think of anything else.

Borderlands 2:  The bugs during boss battles.  Ugh.  On my first play-through I had both BNK-3R and the Angel-level fight glitch out back-to-back, meaning I had to replay them both.

Then there is True Vault Hunter Mode, which made me want to throw bricks.  Pretty much everything can 2-shot kill you, which is lame in a game that punishes you pretty harshly for dying.  When I started over in TVHM, one of my first encounters on the Ice Shelf area had TWO Super Badass Bullymongs spawn.  I had like zero chance.  That was harder than most of the boss fights.

It also sucks when the enemy AI gets caught in a loop and won't stop moving, back and forth, back and forth, from one point to another.

Finally, boss farming is boring.  The drop rates need to be higher on unique items, especially customizations.  Conference Call + The Bee is one of the most broken things in any game ever and it feels cheap, but damn if it's not necessary, which I guess is why it's there.  


Those bloody frogs!!!
Why does stealth suddenly not exist during the Volgin boss fight?!
That stupid sneaking suit does NOT reduce damage by half!! I refuse to believe it does.

4 ≈ One

Metal Gear Solid 4......

yeah I can't do it is just too perfect haha Im jk

The AI is blantantly dumb. Uhh who was there. Dude Im staanding right in front of you. Not to mention all of the plot holes in every metal gear solid game. Kojima makes the craziest stories that somehow you want it to make sense but honestly you have to just plug up the holes to make it.

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Halo 4:

To noob friendly!!

No ability to search for good connection as yet!

No online campaign multiplayer!?! I need that for achievements 343!!!

Active Camo. It's absolutely trash. If you use it and camp, go play somewhere else.


On the Xbox, it takes 5 minutes to load and 1 minute to save. This one time, one of the people for the main quest just vanished, so I had to use a different character. Cliff racers everywhere.


Not my number one favorite title, but anyway:

Halo: Combat Evolved

- "The Library" is the worst piece of shit level ever created. This point alone is more than twice as annoying as all previously mentioned points combined.

You win the whole thread.... Damn it!!

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars!

Geno 1st and last appearance evaaa!!! (hopefully be in SSB4)
Mallow you god damn cry baby!!! Cry me a storm!!!
Mario has 1hp cant switch him because he has main character plot lmao
Bowser kisses Mario!!!!!!!! on the cheek but stillll
Peach's name is toadstool, when i was a kid i always wanted to believe it was peach but they never used the name so for like 2 or 3 years i thought it was someone else... grrrrr....
No Yoshi bull****!!!
No luigiiii..... Its watever lol!
Game ended!!!! god damn it!!!!

alot more on this classic!!!!

Nintendoninja said:
Super Mario Brothers 3:

- The levels were kinda short.

- not very many secrets

After disassembling SMB3, I made a stunning discovery that the level data files only allowed for a maximum "scene" size of either 256 blocks across or 256 blocks vertically. It's kinda amazing how much they managed to accomplish with such a limitation...