Hundreds queue up for Wii U debut in Japan

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Debra said:
nintendo designed the wii u mainly for the japanese market. tablet, "weak" hardware (known cpu architecture) and relative cheap price. and...


id be really suprised if the wii u bombs.. i doubt.

good look nintendo!

Does it hurt you when a company is doing because it seems you some problems going on because of it. 

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Since we are making predictions I will say 300k if there are stock restrictions, if not 400k - 450k

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VGKing said:
I think stock will be an issue in Japan. Don't expect sales to be any higher than the US first week.
I expect 250k-320k.

agreed.  after the low europe i have to believe nintendo is short on supply for whatever reason or they would have sent more.  

why shoud it hurt me? i dont define me over plastik, pixels and things like that.


im a fan of good games, not a fanboy (product) of a company.

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I expect 305k

It really all depends on how many systems are available. I remember reading that most Wii U consoles were reserved for N. America, so it would have to be fewer than 400,000 if that's true. So maybe 320,000?

let's hope they have shipped a lot to japan, those guys really deserve to get all a console


Does anyone even bothered to read the title?
It said hundreds. So, Japan will open with less than 999 units. I am going to guess 325 units.