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pezus said:
Kasz216 said:
Ah here is a couple. Call of Duty 2 was a launch game for the 360.

We don't have week one sales.

2 Week sales though were 225,874 in the US. Based on week 3 (and PS3 game sales) i'd guess that meant a launch of around 80-100K. (Why so low, if you look at launch games, they actually got more sales their second week then their first, see the other two games mentioned) So it was about 3 times that on 360 on a console more geared to shooters, but which less consoles around 305K

PS3's shooter was Resistance... and really it's biggest launch game. Wow. Anyway, It sold about 36K first week.on a 139,000 install base. So about a 26% attach rate there.

Another near launch game was Madden 07. Which is similar in that it already had a hardcore following on the 360. Meaning like Black Ops there was a big chance that early converters might not pick it up.

Madden 07 sold ~15K first week. On that 139K install base. Making it around a ~10% install base.

You throw in all the various pros and cons and such, and hopefully that puts things in more perspective.

None of these games are comparable to today's Call of Duty franchise though. 

But, even Resistance had an attach rate of 26%! Wow

The PS3's launch lineup was pretty grim.  Essentially if you didn't like Sports games it was Resistance or noting... I mean....  Oh COD3 was there.  DIdn't notice that.  I could of used that as a comparison.   Wii U argueably has had the strongest launch lineup in a long while... but  a lot of it is remade ports so who knows.  It's facinating to See Zombi U and Scribblenauts ahead of it.  Essentially a shooter but an original one, and a more quirky niche but generally critically loved series.

Also Nintendo land so high up there non-bundled.  It makes figuring out the Wii U early adopter profile very confusing.

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Quick! Everyone overreact!!!

This site is becoming just as bad as N4g. Not surprised though since you guys advertise their crap site. All doom threads are crap.

SaviorX said:
The attach rate is below 7% on the PS3...

I'm sure people expected about 100kish but...that was unrealistic.

Not in the US.  It is over 12% according to NPD data for November.

Call of Duty games sell less on Nintendo consoles, is this still an issue to be discussed? Call of Duty is hardly the measure from which one can glean doom or salvation for the Wii U, let's hold our horses a little bit here.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

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SnakeDrake said:
lol @ the people who predicted the Will U version will out sale the ps3/xbox version instantly

for real ? I kinda doubt this is true. At least I haven't seen even one of these posts.

OT: While Black Ops 2 certainly underperformed on launch day, I think the fact that it's still the 4th biggest software title is more worrisome.
To me Assassin's Creed III looks like the biggest bomb so far (with Blops2). It likely sold about 10k and thus has only a ~1% attach ratio.

Black OPs 2 is doing very well. 4th best selling game on the baby system. I think everyone is pleased.

pezus 1 hour ago
5% attach rate is disgustingly low for the biggest console franchise. There's no way around it.
Is a 6.6% attach rate good then?

Mummelmann said:
Call of Duty games sell less on Nintendo consoles, is this still an issue to be discussed? Call of Duty is hardly the measure from which one can glean doom or salvation for the Wii U, let's hold our horses a little bit here.

Wait until a CoD is released that is both on par with the others and simultaniously released, as well as on a userbase that allows it the same sales with a similar attach rate before making that statement.


That Assassin's Creed III performance would worry me just as much or more. It's coming from the company that has offered the most third party support of the Wii U thus far. Of course, ZombiU did well, so who knows.

As far as attach rate, it should always be higher with a lower installed base, especially at launch.

I would wait until after Christmas before worrying about this, however. There is no telling how many games people are holding off on purchasing because they expect them as gifts. The system needs to mature a bit. The people who bought two or three games at launch need time to finish those and go back for more. Having more titles at launch means a lower attach rate on an individual basis.

Still, Nintendo is on tricky ground here. The industry is watching. If people want multi-plats then they're going to need to buy multi-plats. Not necessarily right now, but the Wii U is going to need to perform well on concurrent releases.