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irstupid said:

It's simple.

1. Person is buying a new console. Thus they are spending $300+ on that. They don't have the money to buy multiple games. So they get 1 or 2. Thus why launch games can be a hit or miss. All it takes is one steller launch title to steal every other games sales.

2. 360 and PS3 versions already been out. Most people who play these games would have bought it already for one of those systems. Thus not going to buy the same game in a matter of such a short time twice, and back to point one. Again about money. They probably already have the game, so why waste money on it again when spending so much on just the system alone.

3. LAUNCH fricken system compared to install base of 360/PS3. Anyone who says COD is not a multiplayer only game is kidding themselves. Now barely anyone has a Wii U, so if you want to play COD with your friends, where will you find them? On one of the other systems.

These pathetic sales numbers would be the exact same if the new system was a PS4 or 720.


Sadly developers seem to be fanboys of anyone but Nintendo, so this is worrying.

4. Wii U spanking new console, CoD same ol', same ol', why buying spanking new console to play same ol', same ol'? Wii U gamers are obviously smarter than what Bobby Skrotick would like them to be.

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I have a hunch Modern Warfare 4 will sell a little more on Xbox 720 next fall. It probably will be the best selling launch title for that system all around.