Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix opens new countdown site for a secret title revealed on Dec 12 - Star Ocean? (Update: Of course not. It's Star Galaxy, a browser game.)

Lift off in the URL, picture of a planet, the word "STAR" on the pic as well...Star Ocean 5?

UPDATE: Nope. It's a browser game called Star Galaxy.


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Let's hope this isn't a disappointment like the last time they did one of these. I've never got to play Star Ocean, but it would be neat because it looked like a good game.

PLEASE!! If there is a god let this be Star Ocean 5. Love this series to death.

Final fantasy versus 13... star?

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Knowing Square-Enix though it's going to be a remake of Star Ocean 1 for the ios. That seems that's all they seem to do want to do nowadays is port.

Speculation time. Don't get too hyped up yet though.

Apparently, tri-Ace have been hiring for a 2013 game since earlier this year. The recruiting message is still on the front page of their site.

In April 2011 tri-Ace released this very impressive tech demo (running on the PS3/360 at 720p):

Since then we've heard nothing of a major HD game from them using their new engine. tri-Ace's last HD game was Resonance of Fate released Jan 2010 in Japan, and we are close to 3 years from that time.

There's been some speculation that becomes of their recent PSP and 3DS games (Frontier Gate and Beyond the Labyrinth) as well as their work on FF XIII-2 and apparently the new Little Battlers game for Vita that they haven't been able to get a publisher for any new HD game they might have wanted to make (whether that's SO5 or a new Valkyrie Profile or more likely a new IP if they're going for a different publisher), and are working on other stuff instead. However, their silence might be because they've been working on SO5 for a while now...who knows.

If this teaser does reveal SO5, I wonder what's happened to the Valkyrie Profile series. Then again the SO team and the VP team are separate (VP team's last game was Resonance of Fate). If this teaser disappoints...well I hope tri-Ace still has another new major console game on the way eventually :/

It seem SE have recently trademarked something called "Star Galaxy"...hmm...

Wagram said:

Knowing Square-Enix though it's going to be a remake of Star Ocean 1 for the ios. That seems that's all they seem to do want to do nowadays is port.

Yeah, iOS port incoming. But maybe the iOS port will have an additional ending that hints at a new game.

Square Enix are the biggest trolls in the industry. They have done nothing but stomp all over my poor little gaming heart for the last five or so years. I'm not even that big of a JRPG guy but their nonsense is just borderline painful.

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omg so excited for more star ocean :DDD