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what to do?

recolonize 30 25.42%
send a massive UN led military 5 4.24%
send another trillion 4 3.39%
let the fall apart even more 39 33.05%
other 40 33.90%

No man wants to be ruled, but in Africa's case everyone might just be better off.


What has happened over the last 100 years or so since Africa has taken itself back?


Deforestation, strip mining, genocide, race wars, aids, desertification, wars, animals becoming endangered, etc.


Countries have given trillions in aid for what? corruption, and not much change. Enough is enough1

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Definitely agree, best sports discussion I've had in years!

Weren't you banned for being a scammer?^

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spurgeonryan said:
Weren't you banned for being a scammer?^

BWAHAHA! Great reply

Nope, sorry hun.

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You know, the argument you're making was what they used to justify colonization in the first place...

Why is this sh*it under the Sports discussion?

(Post dedicated to POE)

Colonization seems like it would be an exciting sport :D

I hope the brits doesn't take the world championship title again though! Time for new blood to win!


I'm of the opinion that it takes several generations of living in a well structured nearly-free state for a country to be ready to self govern with a true democratic state. While this did occur on its own in several European states, human history indicates that it is not a natural/stable form of state ...

Personally, my fear with re-colonization is that most wester democracies have taken sever steps back over the past 60 years and we're not as free as we once were. With the greater power our government has it is far more likely that colonization will result in western governments grabbing more powerful and becomming like third world dictatorships.

To help Africa we need to cancel its debt. A couple billion in aid every now and then isn't worth shit if it's only a tiny fraction of the debt African countries are repaying the west.

At least that's one of the first steps.