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so, where to start? first of all i do this in a thread to let everyone know about what he did and don't only write a mail to the site or something because i can imagine he did maybe the same with other users pictures. i really don't find this funny!

it just started when i quoted turkish in the "google image search your real name" thread

crissindahouse said:
Turkish said:
Nothing, good job protecting my privacy.


you won't find anything about me on the internet if you use my real name but i still find a lot of pictures^^

then i thought about the pic of me i posted once in the "vgchartz picture thread"

and was curious if i used it somewhere else anytime and used the google picture search function to try it out.

found a link to a site about getting fundings:

*snip: Project removed*
*snip: Account removed*

so, someone used my picture for a "funding site"

like you can see, the guy who started that is from netherlands and want to go back to australia. he is saying

"I'd really like to return home during in October as I have been "stuck" in The Netherlands for three years because of my parents divorce and I really miss my family and friends in Australia. I would pay for it on my own but as a beginning freelance artist I really don't have that kind of money.The money collected will go towards my plane ticket and transportation to and from the Airport(s).Supporters can help by donating as much as they can, any amount  will be hugely appreciated!

and like you also see, the name of this guy is "marcus s"

i have the user proclus in my xbox friends list as *snip*.

*snip: Image removed*

he lives in the netherlands and comes from australia. he even told me not long ago that he is in netherlands because of his divorced parents (exactly what he is saying on that funding site) and that he will go back to australia:

that should be enough as proof

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So, you want him banned for using your picture?

I don't see why VGChartz should do anything about this.

Nice picture.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Nsanity said:
So, you want him banned for using your picture?

exactly, i want him banned to use my identity and maybe the one of other users (that is my face right?) for his purposes on funding sites and wherever.

maybe you would find it funny to find your face on such sites which other people use to get money but i don't think that's funny.

When he was millennium he had a link in his sig about trying to raise $55k on kickstarter (or a similar site) to help him make a documentary about whales.

Looks like we're dealing with a fraudster!

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Hmm, this is actually more a matter for authorities than the vgchartz mod team, to be honest. It does seem fishy. I don't know the laws in Netherlands or Germany but here it is illegal to use or even show someone's picture publicly without their consent. Taking someone's picture is fine, showing or sharing it is illegal, we face this problem often in some of my line of work.

Using someone's private photo for setting up a scam has to be illegal, allthough the scam itself is likely more illegal than his use of your picture. Or is he actually that broke? If so, that begs two questions; why doesn't his family/friends help him and how can he afford a "vacation" to several countries without money?

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Maybe he just thinks you're cute.

Why does a person need to use someone's picture and not their own? And why wouldn't they just use any random picture? This is weird and doesn't make a lot of sense.

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This is scary. I hope the mods take the necessary action.

I always knew there was something fishy about this dude. Time to make an 'I was right all along' thread...