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in quotes and then post first pic here

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I found someone with my name who looks like Quentin Tarantino.
Unfortunately he's the third and not the first result, so I can't post it without violating the rules of this thread ;)

Thsi is great! The first pic is my old VGC avatar of my daughter and R.O.B.

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The 1st and 3rd results are pics of me. No. You don't get to see them.

I'm not really here!

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That's a big link

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No thanks. You guys could use your stalking skills and hunt me down. For example using my stalking skills and just these pictures, I now know every one of your guys' names, addresses, marital statuses, ages, annual incomes, number of pets, favorite foods, etc.

And might I add, you have a cool name Pezus.