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So, like many of you, I spend a lot of time playing video games. And writing about them. And debating them.

And I also spend a good amount of time daydreaming about them. Specifically, I daydream about what kind of game I might make had I the resources and knowledge to do so.

I wanted to share with you one of the ideas I had for a game, and I want to hear about yours too. Please let us know about your dream game, its influences, its gameplay, story, modes, etc. Even the title, if you have one :)

Note: it could be an entirely new game, or your take on an established franchise.

OK, here's mine:

Route 77
Action-adventure, third-person shooter, survival-horror
Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising, Grand Theft Auto III, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Legend of Zelda, Escape from New York
This game takes place in a sleepy town in the American northeast. Through the town runs the titular state highway, Route 77. The game concerns a SWAT officer who responds with his unit to a disturbance in the northernmost section of the town. All hell breaks loose, and he's separated from his team and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up he finds that the entire town is quarantined, and filled with many dangerous enemies.

The purpose of the game is to uncover what turned the town into a living nightmare, rescue as many civilians as possible, and, ultimately, escape from the town. I imagine the environment being enormous, filled with woods, housing developments, and abandoned parks and buildings all along Route 77, which serves as the central hub of the game. The hero must forage for food, supplies, shelter, and weapons. He is encouraged to follow the main storyline, but can opt to take on sidequests or simply explore the town.

There would be no multiplayer modes or co-op; only single-player. Third person over-the-should perspective, not unlike Gears of War or Resident Evil 5.

So, that's mine. What about yours?

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For me, just Halo Wars 2 with playable Flood and bigger unit caps.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Kingdom Hearts 3

Super Mario World Remake

Super Nintendo VS Sony All Stars Brawl + Capcom Mega Man Remix Hardcore Edition

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That would be F-Zero HD with 30-player online modes.

As for ideas from the ground up, I would also go for a survival horror title. Though multiplayer based:

A large map is selected. 64 players and/or bots (or more if technology would support it.) start on different locations; some in 2-4 groups, and some start alone. On each level random houses will be selected as supply houses each time you choose them (so that you won't be able to memorize which houses contains critical equipment), and the goal is simply to survive.

Hordes of zombies are scattered throughout the map. Though they can't respawn, staying in an area with relatively few zombie also means food and water is limited, so you will be forced to find new supply houses when you can't hold out any longer. If you are bitten by a zombie you have one minute to find a cure in a supply house or get one from a teammate (who would possibly rather keep it for himself in case he gets bitten), if not, you'll become your teammates' next victim.

While teaming up with many of the other players can prove beneficial in combat, it can be very difficult due to the size of the map, and because it also means that food, water, antidote and ammo found in each safe house will be less rewarding per person. It also means that the high amount of footsteps will be easier to hear from a distance.

At dawn a rescue helicopter will start flying around the map. If you shoot a flare (also found in certain supply houses), it is much easier for the helicopter to acknowledge your position and pick you and your surviving teammates up. After a few in-game hours the helicopter gives up searching for survivors, and those still (camping/hiding? ) on the map will lose the game.

ff 7 with modern graphics =perfect game