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Good enough?

You don't need that much (specify please) 3 27.27%
Looks about right 3 27.27%
Should be good for now, b... 1 9.09%
Not powerful enough 4 36.36%

I've been looking to build a gaming PC for awhile but with Rome 2 coming out next year I felt like it was time to upgrade.  I haven't really been into this since I needed to upgrade for Half-Life 2.  Now I want one that's at least a little future proof and I'm not going for anything other than the highest settings on games.  Also is the SSD really needed?  Are the benefits worth the cost?  You can customize it and post a link if it needs changing.

NOTE:  This is NOT what I'm going to spend I was just asking if the SPECS were good enough for what I wanted.

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Where's the PC?

And I would get an SSD because it, literally, shaves off half the time an HDD takes to load work. If you have the cash, the benefits are easily worth it!


An SSD is one of the best things you can buy as it speeds up general tasks as well as loading in games, installing etc.

pezus said:
An SSD is one of the best things you can buy as it speeds up general tasks as well as loading in games, installing etc.

it's not necessary however. I love my SSD's, the main thing it does is speed up loading times, boot time. After that it's loaded in the RAM. In some games it reduces loading times tremendesously.  However if you like to smoke a bong while the loading screen is going, getting an ssd might be not ideal. :).

If you are on a limited budget and you want the PC for gaming then don't spend on the SSD (you can add that any time later when they are much cheaper), and spend the difference on the graphics card.
But it really depends on what your initial configuration ideea was.

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That thing is way too overpriced. I nearly finished a PC with almost the same specs for roughly $500

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Isn't it a bit... uber expensive? US $3,139.00 is a lot.

And, maybe it's me that can't find it, but what GPU does it have? After all, that's the most important piece of hardware to play games.


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Does that PC even tell you what GPU it has?

edit: it's barebones, so it has no GPU. Unless people started using that term incorrectly. Which is possible. But it doesn't list GPU either way Don't get that.

Holy Lord! That's more than I spent!

That thing is a bit too much.


Far faaar to much. $1000 PC will easily keep you on high end for a few years.