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Saw this yesterday. Glad to see the better game win for a change.

justice has been done!

Lulz, CoD has no chance on the internet. It also lost against BF3 last year.

Absolute walkover. Excellent.

I'm not really here!

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Let me get this right, people vote for Halo but then go online and play cod :)

very nice


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Griffin said:
Let me get this right, people vote for Halo but then go online and play cod :)

Yeah I guess Activision is crying into their billion dollars over this.

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The more popular game loses on an Internet vote. Theres a surprise.

The most telling "vote"?

Black Ops 2 Xbox 360... 1 Week - 6,210,135
Halo 4, after 3 Weeks - 5,158,526

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I was interested until I realised it was using results from a poll, it's a bit of a pointless exercise with the amount of Call of Duty haters out there, especially on IGN.