the most official ps+ thread no haterz allowed

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you heard it folks.

gather all your ps+ hyping and awesomeness here and no haterz allowed please.

I will update this tgread tonight with pics and proper english.

all rights reserved.


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Reserved for features.

Reserved for features.

In b4 haterz get thrown out.

Preserved for preachers

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This thread exists though.


Yes but this one is more official.
Anyway, i dont expect that guy to continue his thread, hes very inactive, so ill keep this here and update it.

Can someone make a new thread to let everyone know to STOP making official ps+ tgreads?

I can't wait for the least official ps+ thread.

Lock this thread, its just for attention.

-moderated Kasz216

No thanks. Just dont post ocelot.
I can update the thread without bumping it.