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which call of duty had the best maps

call of duty 4 3 13.64%
world at war 3 13.64%
modern warfare 2 10 45.45%
black op 2 9.09%
modern warfare 3 1 4.55%
black ops 2 2 9.09%
other (older) 1 4.55%

Which call of duty do you think had the best maps?

mine personally is MW2 I don't think any of them have compared since that one

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Call of Duty 2 has my favorite maps, probably because I played that one a lot more than the others. MW2 had some great maps too, but I felt like something was off with CoD4's maps at first. They were sort of hard to learn, don't know why.

Haven't played any of the others online.

World at War.

The game shipped with great maps like Makin, Roundhouse, Cliffside, Airfield, Castle, and Dome. They also gave you Makin Day for free awhile after release. And then the DLC was great. Knee Deep, Banzai, Sub Pens, Breach, and Battery were all great maps to me.

MW2 maps were just amazing. Estate, wasteland, rust, terminal, scrapyard, sub-base and skidrow to name just a few. The only map I didn't like in MW2 was Karachi but everything else I enjoyed or didn't mind playing, which can't be said for recent CODs (I HATE cargo, drone, turbine and meltdown).

COD4, Waw and the original BO also had some great maps I enjoyed. I feel like nowadays the maps have too much crap in them. Just make them compact and open with good lines of sight like they used to.


black ops for me, most played mode being domination i found these maps to play perfect. MW2 maps seemed very large and played better in ground war.

Firing Range

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2007 COD all the way.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

MW2. Some truly great and very memorable maps- Afghan, Terminal, Skidrow, Highrise, Derail. There was only one map I truly disliked and that was Wasteland. Every COD since then has been a bit of a mixed bag.

I'm not a fan of the new maps in BO2 at all.

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