Mass Effect 1 on PS3 has long load times, pop-in and frame rate issues

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Mass Effect Trilogy finally launched on the PlayStation 3 today. For the first time ever, gamers can experience the series’ first entry on Sony’s console.

The one downside is that Mass Effect 1 appears to be marred by technical issues. Earlier today, IGN editor Colin Moriarty mentioned how the title suffers from long load times as well as some “severe texture pop-ins at times” and frame rate issues.

Now, it’s true that some of these problems were apparent in the original Xbox 360 release of Mass Effect 1. But some may nonetheless be displeased with this news, especially given that the team said that the game would feature improved texture popping and overall better performance on the PlayStation 3.


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shitstorm incoming?

... Why? They couldn't manage to fix these issues for some bizarre reason?

Anyways, I'm sure the PS3 gamers that plan on buying it will still enjoy it, although they'll have to keep in mind that it's a older game.

a new addition to the long list of inferior versions

Tempted to get it...........but again I want it for PC but just dont want to use Origin :(


I dont know, maybe I'll get it for PS3 but the DLCs being apart are a turnoff.


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Sounds like its simply a straight port rather than an updated port. Shame.

BioWare continues to be a shit.

Hey it runs as bad as the 360 version, looks as bad too! But yeah I have the game on PC....

Well the 5 people who bought this on the PS3 will be upset.

Maybe they'll be nice and improve performance with a patch...

Mass Effect 1 was piss poor quality technically even on the 360.