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which one?

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Now that it is pretty much guarranteed that the Wii will pass the PS in sales(even if just barely) , I was wondering wich console everyone enjoyed more.


Both were first in certain ways. Both won their generation. Both pushed 100 million units sold.


I guess it will come down to games.


 I choose the Playstation.


Resident Evil, ape escape, intelligent cube, crash bandicoot, syphon filter, diablo, final fantasy, metal gear solid, etc.

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PS1 by a country mile.

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Ps1 by a long way.

I enjoy the wii, but I loved the ps1... Dont know if I have liked a console as much since...

PS1 ,it was my first console i sold my Amiga to buy it.

I hated that the PS1 was horribly made. Broke all the time. Flipped on side, put weight on it, etc

He games and the system made the PS2 beat the PS1 imo.

But my all time fav. Is N64. But that is for another thread...

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ball of string.


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Ps1 by far.
I got more multiplayer games on wii tough for friends.

PS1 with a landslide of rocks and a truck fell down the mountin and crushed a wooden shack mile

Sega Saturn

No joke.

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PS1. I probably wouldn't be gaming without it!