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Apparantly MLB 2K series is dead, and there will be no new game next year for Xbox 360. However there will be baseball for the PS3 with MLB 13: The Show. Now, this probably won't have much of an effect on PS3 sales, but if the only way to play Baseball Video Games is on a Playstation console, I'd say Sony has found their trump card. Let people known that Playstation is the only way to get your baseball fix. This is a huge opportunity for Sony.

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It will help US sales next year for those who buy yearly installments.

Nothing huge though, but still helps.

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Well... MLB the show has always been better than MLB 2k from what I've heard anyway.

So if someone was looking to buy a console for baseball they should have went with the Ps3 to begin with.

MLB has always been better and has outsold the other guy for years.

The real question is: who cares? Its baseball.


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sales2099 said:
MLB has always been better and has outsold the other guy for years.

The real question is: who cares? Its baseball.

America cares. 
Being the only console next-gen with a licensed baseball game gives Sony an advantage.

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I would say other countries who love baseball care, but they generally have their own installments featuring professional teams from their country/region.

It will definitely mean something as baseball is really popular in the the US which is Sonys weakest market. The more people that get drawn in by this the more people maybe try out ps+ and see how much more you get for 50 bucks a year than gold the more people start seeing the amazing exclusives that get crap marketing. It all adds up. Also baseball is popular in Latin America and Japan so it should help with developing nation sales and against Nintendo on the home console front. It could really help give ps3 a big boost in developing nations on the tail end of this gen

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can't hurt if you want to play baseball it would swing your decision

but PS4 killer ap....... not likely

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Don'y forget Vita!

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Someone will probably make another MLB in the future, can see EA sports investing in it.