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Here in a couple of hours ill be going to pick up the dark knight rises and ill pick a game up as well. Do you think i should pick up Halo 4 or Farcry 3(if so on ps3 or360)? Hoping to get a few quick opinions before i leave.

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skip the dark knight and get both

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hmm it would be wrong if i would say halo because i am a halo fan since day one but i think the games seem to be so different that you should really think about your preferences.

if you want to play the games online for a long time take halo because in far cry you won't know if it will get a healthy online community but otherwise i can't really help (and i did not even play far cry 3 which means i can't even argue about that game)

€dit: ahh and if you only want to play singleplayer (no competitive online, co-op campaign or spartan ops with others) far cry could be maybe better for you because of the bigger singleplayer (at least i believe it's much bigger singleplayer)

I can only give you my honest opinion:

Skip TDKR and get both games, the movie, well it's not so good imo, but otherwise get Halo 4, but I've been a Halo fan since 2001, so obviously I'm going to say that.

Should you decide to get Far Cry 3, Digital Foundry concluded the 360 version is slightly better, but overall it really depends on what platform you prefer gaming on.

Good luck.

TDKR and the PC version of FC3

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Depends if you like scifi


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It pretty much boils down to do you like open-world FPS or not. I know lot of people that LOVED FarCry 1 (PC, combo of linear and semi-open) and hated FarCry 2 (open-world). So if you do like them, FarCry 3 is an excellent pick.

I started playing FC3 last night, hard to recommend from what I've seen so far. Then again, I haven't played Halo 4 at all so my advice might be worthless...

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Halo 4. More variety.

Epic Campaign
Spartan Ops missions (20 available already with 5 per week added for another 6 weeks)
Awesome Multiplayer

Looks like Far Cry 3 is solid as well looking at reviews, but my guess its not as varied as Halo.