Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wii U is getting rare Pier Solar (Old School JRPG Style) in addition to Dreamcast, Xbox 360, PC and more

What platform will you buy Pier Solar for?

Dreamcast 22 14.57%
Xbox 360 19 12.58%
PC/Mac/Linux 5 3.31%
Mobile 0 0.00%
Wii U 73 48.34%
I allready have it for Sega Genesis 3 1.99%
I don't buy RPGs 4 2.65%
I'm going to pirate it 2 1.32%
I allready pirated it 5 3.31%
I confused 18 11.92%

Pier Solar's kickstarted just anounced that they made enough money to release a Wii U version! That's right, the 16-bit Sega Genesis RPG released in limited quantities over a decade after the system retired is now coming to the Wii U.

I know this becuase I purchased the limited edition Dreamcast version and I get all the updates on the project. There is just no way I could pass up the Dreamcast version, but if you have a Wii U you might want to look into it.

It's now coming to the following platforms:

Xbox 360





and Wii U

Next up could be a PS3 version.



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look i get the significance of this post, but again another kickstart project,

Isnt kickstar designed for startup ventures not people who have stuff wanting others to pay for it to be released?



Getting this game on PC!

Funny how it is coming out on Dreamcast, that is pretty rare.

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I was going to fund this game (to get the Wii U version) and I see no option to fund them to get it. All they list are the Xbox 360, Dreamcast, and PC versions.

Do I just have to wait until the game is out to buy it for the Wii U?


EDIT: Basil, it's coming out on Dreamcast because the original Pier Solar was made in 2010 and released on the Sega Genesis, I believe. Then these guys turned to make an HD version.

I wonder how much nostalgia is influencing the interest in this game.

Upon opening the package, the greatness we were looking for began to shine through. Pier Solar comes in the most impressive and beautiful packaging ever seen on the Sega Mega Drive to date. While we had already seen pictures online of copies that had already arrived, the photographs do not do this game justice.

Overall, Pier Solar ticks all the boxes that classic 90's ever opened, with lots of nice additions both graphically and within its gameplay. While it doesn't attempt to anything too daring where the story is concerned, the game feels as if it is aware of this and more a homage to all the games that have paved way for its arrival. If RPGs are your thing, Pier Solar is an enjoyable adventure filled with nostalgia and tributes to the days of gaming past.

Everything about Pier Solar looks great on paper, but when I actually dug into the meat of the game, I came away somewhat disappointed. Some elements are fantastic, like the graphics and music, but poor design decisions in many other areas sour the overall experience. The end result is an ambitious project that doesn't reach its full potential.

I'm hard on Pier Solar because I feel it could've been so much better. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad the game exists, especially given its perilously long development cycle. If its gameplay was as polished as its presentation, Pier Solar would stand on equal footing with the RPG classics of yesteryear. It's a loving homage to a system that many gamers remember fondly, and while it's far from perfect, there is still some merit in checking out this 16-bit adventure. Just wait until you're feeling especially patient before you give it a go.

That collector's package for the Sega Mega Drive looks great, it makes a lot less sense as a WiiU title.

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I think it's really cool what WaterMelon did with this games original release and the game looks great. I'm looking forward to getting it on PC or 360.

Dreamcast is still alive and getting games? Vita not doomed confirmed.

This game seems very interesting. I wonder if a PS3 version will appear or Vita even.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Chark said:
Dreamcast is still alive and getting games? Vita not doomed confirmed.

This game seems very interesting. I wonder if a PS3 version will appear or Vita even.

Well, the Dreamcast was and continued to be the greatest gaming console of all time. Dreamcast has had new games released each year since Sega stopped manufacturing.

A PS3 version has been hinted at, but they haven't said anything about Vita. I would expect that if they do it for PS3 it will be a PSN game and probably work on both PS3 and Vita and maybe even PSP. They're making both HD and SD versions so the PSP could handle it.

Looks great. I will download it when it gets released on the eshop. :)

don't waste time

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So I just did some research on this. It looks like the HD version allows players to unlock the original Genesis graphics, which is great news.

The Dreamcast version is the way to go, I think. But which to choose: regular or collector's edition? What do you think kain?