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Did you spot WiiUs on shelves?

Yes 92 50.27%
No 47 25.68%
I live on Pluto 44 24.04%

Dear community,

There is quite a big debate on whether the WiiU is sold out in places where it released. It is quite important because Nintendo intends to sell 5.5m WiiUs by March 31st, but also they also said that they would most likely produce only that many and "that [their] production capacity, rather than consumer demand, that will place limits on our Wii U prospects". In others terms, WiiU must be permanentely  sold out (or sold on a just-in-time basis) for Nintendo to achieve its objectives.

This is where YOUR contribution is essential (especially if you live in the UK). The VGchartz community is diverse so I think we could get a pretty good picture if everyone reports the situation in his/her particular location. By the way, in the 13th district of Paris, where I work, there are WiiU available. I went to a big electronic/books retailer on launch day  (at 1 pm) and 3 or 4 people were qeueing in to ask for a WiiU. In a specialized videogame chain store, there was no one buying a WiiU (there was nobody at all actually although it's usually busy at this time). I'll report again on Friday. Btw online retailers amazon.fr and micromania.fr (the video game chain I was telling you about) both have all the bundles available. Only game.fr seem to have nothing but the French branch of GAME is bust anyway.

So, do you see WiiUs on shelves around you?

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I honestly don't see them hitting that 5.5 million number, but Japan could be a good launch for them.

I think Nintendo Land will be stronger there than people think, on top of Mario + Monster Hunter (which won't do as well as people think ... port of an existing game, I think most MH will wait for MH4 instead).

Theres no shortages, a new shipment arrived the same day it was launched, a friend of mine who works in GAME store told me

Assuming game still taking deposits means they have stock I voted yes. One thing I would like to point out though ryu is when I picked mine up in hmv there was well over 20. Though that number is very low anyway.

One more thing to complete my year = senran kagura localization =D

I was at Walmart this weekend and saw at least three Wii Us on the shelf. It was hard to tell if more were stacked behind them, but there could have been. For all I know there could have been a pallet of them in the back. They were all the white ones, I didn't see any black. The store didn't have a demo kiosk set up for the Wii U which I though was strange. When I left the department there was a guy buying a Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle and a woman buying a PSP. Not a Vita, but a PSP. I was buying some rechargeable batteries so I didn't have to make the purchase in the electronics area, but there was a kid with her parents that I heard say something about Nintendo. Maybe she was bringing them in for a Wii U.

There was one item sold out completely. The 3DS shelf didn't have any regular or XL boxes. That thing seems to be doing very well.

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Here in Plymouth the state is as follows:

GAME 1- 0 Deluxe, 1 Basic (likely sold now)
GAME 2- 0 Deluze, 4 Basic

HMV- 2 Deluxe, 11 Basic

Indie stores- 3 Deluxe, 0 Basic (did not order any basic in really).

So very low supply, but more is coming tomorrow so who knows.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Wii U is in low supply at this point, which means Nintendo was just about dead on with their shipment figures.

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when I bought my WiiU they had only the premium pack and there were about 10 of them and they did not even have the games in yet so I had to go to another store to get NSMBU.

this was on Friday though and who knows maybe they had the basic pack but it had sold out already didn't ask. will check in the coming days though

tis from Swedens Elgiganten which has the cheapest price (3444kr) I found if anyone from Sweden was wondering!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I don't know, but I heard from a nearby homeless shelter there is a shortage of food and medicine.

when i was in a media markt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Markt
here in germany on release day at i believe 13pm they had no wii u there but some games, not sure if they were all sold out or if they were just too stupid and didn't realize it's release day but since we are talking about a huge retailer i think it was sold out already.