Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii has NEVER sold less than 2m in December.

How much do you think it will sell

3m or more 11 7.33%
2.5m 6 4.00%
2.2m 6 4.00%
2m 22 14.67%
1.8m 27 18.00%
1.5m 17 11.33%
1.3m 18 12.00%
1m 15 10.00%
less than 1m 20 13.33%
see dirty insides 8 5.33%

2006: 2.4m
2007: 4.3m
2008: 5.7m
2009: 7.4m
2010: 5.7m
2011: 3.2m
2012: ???

What do you think about 2012? Will this be the first year it sells sub-2m in the month of December?

Selling points:
Its being heavily advertised
$129 base price (w/ bundled games)
$99 WiiMini (in Canada + no games bundled)

WiiU (quite a few Wii's being resold)
Lower special/sale prices for PS360
No new games

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Yes, this will be the first year where it fails to sell 2m in December.

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It'll fail, but still sell comfortably over a million. So I'm thinking 1.4 to 1.7 million. Enough to make a reach for 100 million simple enough.

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I think it will sell around 900.000-1.400.000

I voted for 1.3m EDIT... but it may hit as high as 1.5.

I voted 2.5m... But that might be a bit optimistic!

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there is always the first time (at least for most)

but to speak about this topic, there is always the first time a console will sell below this number and it seems like it will be this year and not only next.

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It has some new games and great deals! I think it will be really close to 2 million! Remember it has been sold for 89 dollars at walmart this year in the states and last year tthey sold it at 99 dollars.

A decent amount of games came this year and some mediocre games recently. For cheap you cannot beat it. Unless you can find a new ps2 somewhere. But hardly anyone has new ones in stock in my area.

2.05 million or more.

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