New Steam Sale to celebrate "Big Picture" + public launch of Big Picture

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So, we already have the next sale now to celebrate the today's release of "Big Picture", a tv friendly interface. To celebrate this, Steam has some controller friendly games on sale until the 10th of December. here is the link to the games:


I recognized that you get different games if you reload the page so those games you see first seem to be not the only games on sale then.

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wth, even more sales?!

pezus said:
wth, even more sales?!

i get the feeling you could call some games on sale for 340 days a year now lol

Lol, you're evil Valve, finding more ways to drain my bank account!

Sonic Generations - $7.99
Castle Crashers - $5.09
Alan Wake - $7.50
Limbo - $2.49
Braid - $2.49

and etc.

FU steam, y u so evil digital woman ;(

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Whew, lucky for me, the only game I'm interested in (that Mark of the Ninja game) is only 33% off. Not the greatest deal, so I won't fall for it!

I noticed Wizorb on there for only $0.74! Someone pick it up; it's a lot of fun!

About time I get Alan Wake and Wizorb for 62 cent is quite difficult to ignore.

That big screen mode is pretty decent, I might give it a try on my htpc.

I'm not spending money on Steam unless it is on Scribblenauts, and I'm waiting for a sale.

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